UNISEX Loci Sweatshirt (with 50% anniversary discount)



Oversized Sweatshirt with a detachable snood.

MRI, CT, and XRAY are compatible, check local rules.

Two neck zips give access to central lines, pacemaker checks, and chest and breast checks. Central Kangaroo pouch for access to the stoma, bags, peg feeds, ultrasounds, catheters, and more. Arm pockets for blood taking, blood pressure and glucose monitoring and many more.

A drawstring snood is perfect for chemotherapy when wearing a cold cap for access to a tracheostomy.

Please email any questions regarding the Loci to https://www.and-able.com/pages/contact.

76% Cotton
15% Nylon
9% Spandex

BY LAW, All our designs are our original designs, all IPO PROTECTED, with certification as seen below.

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